REVIEW: List Of The Most Hyped Korean Skincare

April 16, 2019

Korean skincare has been dominating the skincare industry for its affordable yet extremely effective skin care. These are products that I think have been the most popular in the past and are still hyped up today. I have tried all of these on the list and most of them...have been fairly okay. Some have been terrible but skincare is different for everyone. Some products that worked for you might not work for me.
So for now, let's get into the reviews of the most hyped Korean skincare products!


Yes, COSRX is a brand but I have tried so many skincare products from them I did not want to list them all separately. I have tried the Good Morning Cleansing Gel, Acne Master Patches, Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner. All of these products I have mentioned are fairly cheap and not overly priced like some of the other skin care brands. I still use the Good Morning Cleansing Gel and that's about it. I use the cleansing gel every morning on my skin and it feels pretty nice except sometimes it can be too drying if I did not moisturize enough the night before. I've been trying to skip the morning cleanse because sometimes I feel like my skin is too oily.

The Acne Master Patches are probably one of the most popular products did a pretty good job but I did not notice a big difference. I wore them to work one time and I knew people could tell I had tiny dots on my face. They did have the white spots where my pimple was on the patch but what was about it. I was so disappointed in the Snail Mucin and Centella Toner because I love snail products and heard Cosrx had one of the best ones. It was supposed to be hydrating and make your skin feel soft but to me, it was just sticky and didn't absorb at all. With the toner, it felt like water and starting burning on my face two weeks later.

Check out Joan Kims video about all the Cosrx products she's tried!

Banila Co Clean It Zero Original Cleansing Balm:

I had heard so many people talk about this cleansing balm for as long as I've been into Korean skincare. it was one of the first cleansing balms that I've used and I think the only one that I've ever used. I had the pink packaging which I don't know the difference between the pink and the blue one but after a while, I had to give this cleansing balm to my mom because this cleansing balm was the one thing that was making me break out in my skincare routine. I don't understand what was in it that could make me break out so badly. I did not see any alcohol in the ingredient list so I couldn't figure out what was in it that made my skin upset. It did take my makeup off really well and maybe my skin is just way too sensitive for that kind of thing. My mom seems to like it though except she says it's too oily even though that's the point of an oil cleanser.

Neogen real fresh tea tree cleanser:

This cleanser is supposed to hydrate and brighten your skin because of the tea tree extracts. I bought this when I was breaking out really bad as it was on the cheaper side for a student who was still in high school. It came out in a foam texture but after a while, I ran out of it pretty fast since I used it so often. I did not notice a huge difference in my skin appearance but it did feel nice though. One thing that happened is my acne did not flare up. It did not make my acne go away probably because I needed a dermatologist at that point. This product is now widely available and can be purchased in stores at Sephora! I would recommend every newbie to skincare to try this out!



I bought this for my mom to use during Christmas time cause she has hella oily skin. Not only did she never use it, she never noticed when I took it back. I later find out that she doesn’t use clay masks because she says they are too drying.
I don’t know if I have owned more than 3 products by Innisfree. I know they are a popular brand but I don’t see products from their brand that I would want to use. This clay mask, however, is different. This clay mask has volcanic clusters from the volcano eruptions on Jeju island so I guess that makes it...natural. It is supposed to tighten your pores, remove excess sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells. It is supposed to give a cooling effect to the skin which is something I did not notice.
For me, this product is way too hyped up. It hardened pretty fast and was almost impossible to glide across my skin when it ended up in clumps. I didn’t feel it cleansing my pores either.

Mizon's All In One Snail Repair Cream:

I remember getting so excited to buy this repair cream because I love snail products. It had such good reviews and people seemed to love this! It was supposed to help fade my hyperpigmentation which I had a lot of at the time I bought this. It felt so good on my skin but I forgot to read the ingredient list. The first top ingredients were Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol which makes my skin turn very sensitive and acne prone. It started to break me out in tiny red pimples on my cheeks so after I noticed that, I handed it over to my sister who said it felt greasy on her skin. She still uses it though at night.

The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Foam:
The Face Shop is pretty popular here where I live so they have a few stores in some of the malls. My mom used to buy all of their tea tree products to help us, which all of those products also contained alcohol. This cleanser though felt so silky on my face. I love rice water and use it on my face as a toner every other day. I do not know what went wrong but this cleanser also started to break me out in huge pimples. I didn’t let this go to waste, I started to use it to clean my makeup brushes.

Mizon AHA&BHA Daily Clean Toner:
I wanted this one to work so badly for me, I kept using it even after I knew it was making my skin itch. AHA and BHA are exfoliating acids that are going to clean the surface of your skin and for BHA which is my favorite, it will take away sebum and waste below your skin surface which makes it great for acne prone skin! This stuff smelled terribly like alcohol and the third ingredient in this product,  Alcohol Denat Trehalose. I also didn’t know you weren't supposed to use this every day. Using this product every day will start to give you signs of over-exfoliation which is not good for acne prone skin.

Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner:
Let’s end this post on a good note. I mentioned this toner in my blog post for the 7 skin method. I did mention that using one drop will make your skin feel dry but using two made my skin feel plump and bouncy. I bought this in August of 2018 and now in April of 2019, I still have about less than half a bottle. I use this every day as well. I love this toner so much, it has worked amazing. It does not break me out and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. This stuff helps my redness go away after I clean my face. It’s lightweight and you can’t even notice you put this stuff on. I wouldn’t say this is magic in a bottle but I would repurchase this again for the summer time! When I run out, I will try other hydrating toners to help my dehydrated skin.

Check out one of my favorite YouTubers, Gothamista! She has a video on all of Pyunkang Yuls skincare line!

So after hearing about my review of the most hyped up Korean skincare, which one is your favorite? I know almost all of these are negative but they never went to waste! My skin is extremely sensitive and alcohol is in so many products these days. If you guys have tried these before, let me know what your thoughts are! Tell me what product/products I should try next!

~ Abby

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