All About A Mini Rex & Dutch Rabbit

March 19, 2019
Very happy bubus

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I have never talked about my bunnies here, but I decided to talk about them now! Here is All About My Rabbits!

All About My Two Male Rabbits


In 2012, I was going through the hardest time ever. I had recently gotten out of the hospital and wanted a pet to keep me company. I had a hamster before, and I was thinking about getting a turtle because turtles are lucky. Turns out, it is hard to find a turtle to adopt. My mom suggested rabbits because she had rabbits when living on the farm in the Philippines. She said she loved how their little noses move. So, after a few weeks, my dad found a woman close by us who rescued animals and kept them until someone came by to adopt them. The woman had rescued the boys from a farm where they were going to be show rabbits. The two bunnies didn't fit the requirements even though I thought they looked beautiful when I first met them.

We had waited for an hour outside the woman's house to bring out the bunnies. I was terrified to hold one of them because I had never done that before, but the one rabbit she gave me was so tiny and fluffy. The rabbit she gave my sister was bigger and still fluffy. The woman said they were brothers and that they were only 6 months. We only intended to take one which was the one in my arms, but my mother's sweetheart couldn't stand to separate two brothers. We paid about 35 dollars for both of them and off we went! Back home with my first two rabbits, Gizmo and Samson.

I won't talk about their living conditions and what they did every day in this blog post as that would make this way to long. My bunnies were not taken care of the best for the first years of their lives. It still makes me feel guilty.

Gizmo and Samson were bonded since birth. I never had any problems with them fighting or bullying each other. Samson was smaller than Gizmo, so Gizmo did have an advantage over the food and water. Gizmo was also more aggressive than Samson. Samson never bit anyone, and he was technically my baby cause Gizmo was my sisters. Samson was the first one I held. I did give Samson special treatment like giving him the food first or cuddled him more.

Since Gizmo was aggressive, like when I held food in my hands, he bit my thigh once, we got him neutered before Samson. Samson never got neutered which is something I regret forever. Gizmo became less aggressive and a bit friendly.
Me with Gizmo & Samson
Their personalities grew as they got older. Samson was sweet, loving and never wanted to fight. He always looked so kind and peaceful. My mom thought he was a girl cause he was so tiny. Samson became everyone's favorite because he tolerated being held. Gizmo, on the other hand, loved getting into everyone's business. He loved to nudge our legs, but if we tried to pet him when he didn't want to be pet, he would run away. Everything we did had to be on Gizmos terms. Gizmo was so protective over Samson that if we took Samson out of the cage first, Gizmo would growl and try to bite us.

Samson was made out of the most purest things on earth
My angel bunny baby

The boys were master escape artists. They would jump out of the top of their cage even when I had closed it. I still don't know how they did it, but that stopped when Samson had gotten his nail stuck and pulled it out on his own. I remember finding the missing nail and feeling terrible for Samson.

Gizmo and Samson loved to chase each other, they were always playing. Gizmo did more binkies than Samson, but both of them were lazy. They never did flops, but they still huddled up in what my sister calls, 'penguin mode' right next to each other. The boys did the same movements. Samson was the only one to ever groom me as well. Gizmo has never once licked me or anyone.

I was not the best caretaker of the bunnies. I wish I had done more research about them. They both had happy and care-free lives until November 6, 2017, when I found my baby Samson passed away with Gizmo sitting right next to him.

I'm not sure how Sammy passed away. I did say he looked sick a few days before he had passed. I didn't pay attention to the signs. Samson was only 4, a few days away from turning 5. Samson's death did not affect me so severely and after time, it has gotten worse. I still find myself crying when I think of Samson, and I wish he could be here to see Gizmos new life.

I miss you so much, Samson. My little angel baby. 

Baby Sammy

Gizmo stayed alone in our basement for months. I am allergic to pet dander, so when I played with him, I was starting to sneeze really severely and felt super stuffed up. I only went down to give him food and water. He didn't get a lot of attention until August of 2018.

I moved back to the Philippines, I got a text from my sister saying my dad was giving Gizmo away. Gizmo and Samson had wrecked our basement because of my ignorance with bunny care. I didn't find out until September that my sister wasn't watching Gizmo. My dad showed me a picture of what Gizmos living conditions were, and I got my first anxiety attack in months. Gizmo cage was filled up with his feces and hadn't been cleaned. He was pulling out his fur from stress, and my sister was leaving trash all around his cage. She fed him through water bottles. My sister didn't know any better.

Gizmo spent the time being switched from my sister's friends house to another friends house until I got back. He had way more attention than we could give him and he was so happy. He started going up to people and being way more friendly.
Begging for treats

I planned to get Gizmo back as fast as I could when I got back. I didn't want him to go to a shelter because he was my bunny, I promised to take care of him when I adopted him. No one else had that responsibility.

Gizmo moved into my bedroom at my new apartment. He had a full room to run around in, he was out all day and was only in this dog crate that I called his bed at night. He was doing binkies and ran around happily.
Gizmo in the new house!
Gizmo learned how to be potty trained, and we finally realized that he didn't like huge spaces. I started to take allergy medicine so I could be near him more.

Then, Gizmo moved into a new apartment with Kim and me. Kim absolutely adores Gizmo even though Gizmo pees on our carpet and has bitten through many of his video game cables. Gizmo gets full range of the entire apartment but chooses to stay in the living room. He is the happiest I've ever seen him, and I have done my research to take better care of him.

Sunbathing Rabbit

I told Kim I wanted to get another bunny to stay with Gizzy while he was at school and I went to work. We were searching for lop-eared bunnies until Kim pointed to a picture of Bunso and said he looked cute. He was the complete opposite of Gizmo. Gizmo is a mini rex and Bunso is a dutch. It wasn't long until the adoption agency contacted me to schedule a meeting for Gizmo to meet Bunso or another bunny. My mind was set though. I wanted Bunso.

The bubus first meeting

Bunso was shy on the first meeting with Gizmo. They did interact well, and Bunso did a lot of zoomies around Gizmo. Even though a girl bunny and a boy bunny have a better time bonding, I wanted another male rabbit. In my experience, boy bunnies are more comfortable to watch over.

When I brought Bunso home, he wouldn't get out of his carrier. He was terrified and seemed so shy. Gizmo wasn't paying much attention to him, so I had to help Bunso out. Bunso didn't run and hide, he merely started to hop around the carpet and explored until he found his temporary home with hay and water.

Bunso was much more different than Gizmo. Bunso had more energy and had a big personality. He ran up to everyone who came through the door and wasn't scared to be petted. He still hates being picked up though.
The bonding process was exhausting.

Bunso was found by animal control on the streets, and then the adoption agency got him. I was surprised that Bunso was so friendly and on the second day he was home, he started to lick my hand like saying thank you for bringing me here.

Bunso doesn't have a tattoo in his ear like Gizmo. He does have a patch of missing fur on his belly for some reason.
Rabbit Flop
Bunso is the first bunny I have ever seen do a flop. It scared me at first because I thought he was hurt, but he always looked confused when I woke him up. It still scares me, but I think it's a little cute.

To Gizmo, Bunso is way more active. Bunso does binky every day in the morning, and I have started to count how many he does. This morning he did six. Bunso also explored the apartment first with Gizmo following along slowly. Last Friday Kim and I came home from a night out, and the bunnies weren't in the living room. Kim walked into the bedroom, and there they were, sitting in the door frame. They seemed happy to see us.

Another Bunny Flop


The bonding process for the bubus wasn't laborious. We did have a problem where they both got into a fight while we were gone and Gizzy got beat up pretty bad. His eye was red, and he had to get shaved by the vet. He's completely recovered since then.

Bunso became lazier because of Gizmo and Gizmo got more active because of Bunso. The bubus have found a middle ground for that though. They get super excited in the morning and night time. In the middle of the day, they sleep and only wake up when Kim or I call for them.

Gizmo never learned his name. Bunso learned his name fast, and his ears perk up and rotate when I call out for him. Bunso also responds when I call him Gizmo so maybe it is just the pitch he recognizes. Gizzy follows Bunso when I call both of them, so it's a win in my book.

Bunso is probably the most spoiled out of the two. Gizzy does his own thing a lot of the time while Bunso comes up to us every time we come into the room even if he is supposed to be sleeping. Bunso will bother Gizmo until Gizmo licks him. Gizmo will clean himself, and as soon as Bunso sees it, he runs up to Gizmo and stuffs his head under Gizzys chin. Bunso keeps doing that until Gizmo finally gives in. Bunso sleeps by my feet if I am working in the living room while Gizmo will give me a "boop" from time to time.

Eating bunnies
Begging to be cleaned

Gizmos injury

The bubus can't do all of the same things together. Bunso is only 1 and is very active. He jumps onto our bed, behind the couch and does binkies. Gizzy is sadly getting older, and we have started to notice his real age. Gizzy is 6 now, and even though I think he's in great shape, I know he can be as active as Bunso. Gizzy can't jump onto our bed, but he can jump onto our couch. Gizzy slips when he hops out of their pen onto the floor because of his nails. Gizmo has strangely long nails even though I cut them all the time. His vet says that's just the way Gizzy is and that his nails will always be slightly longer. Gizmo doesn't do binkies and zoomies like he did when he was with Samson. His binkies are rare and short-lived.

Both of my bubus are super happy. They love seeing us in the morning and continuously beg me for treats. I think Gizmo just copies Bunso most of the time. Bunso doesn't make many noises,
but Gizmo has started to sound like a piggy when he eats making honking noises. They both also snore when they sleep which is so adorable.

King of the litter box

Snuggles all around!
That's about all I can say about my rabbits right now. They are both sleeping on opposite sides of the carpet now. I suppose I should take a nap if they are sleeping.

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