Starting My Bullet Journal!

January 17, 2019

I got this crazy idea to start journaling after I saw my obsession with writing things in notebooks. I didn't have a way to organize those things. I just wrote anything in all of them so every time I wanted to find something, I never could.

Starting my bullet journal today has been an experience. I can't draw or write very well since I have the handwriting of a 10-year-old still. I keep watching videos on how to bullet journal, and the only thing I've realized is, I am super messy.

Basically, a bullet journal is anything you want it to be. It is supposed to be your own customized journal all into one. I used mine as a planner, a tracker and where to put anything I need to remember for that month.

It's amusing so far. I like being able to see everything I've done in the day, but it also makes me aware of how I am spending my time. Which is something I know my mom will be happy about.

I don't have any photos cause this month is just a trial, and I do not know how to spell things correctly. I will show off February section next month for sure!

If anyone knows anything more about journaling, please let me know. I am struggling and feel happy at the same time.
Starting My Bullet Journal

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