How To: Control Anxiety During PMS

January 15, 2019
This will be only relatable to people who have periods. If you do not have a period, you might know someone that does!

Pms are the symptoms of a period...a week before the period. For me, that is two weeks of period pains and the week before the actual period is always the worst.

Symptoms of PMS include cramps, terrible headaches, bloating, fatigue, hormonal acne and much more.

My worst PMS symptom is a fairly common one, but most people can control it. Anxiety just eats at me during PMS. I can't do anything but lay in bed and try not to overthink. I am so nervous for a week straight I felt like my throat closes up and I can't talk.

Over time though, I have figured some ways to control anxiety during PMS.


The 4-7-8 method is the best one for trying to calm yourself down. It works like a charm and takes less than five minutes. Focusing on your breath while you are anxious naturally makes it calmer, deeper and softer. Always remember to regroup and breathe to control anxiety during PMS.


This might be a little biased since I love notebooks and...write for my own blog but writing out thoughts and feelings during anxious times helps me get everything out that I was holding in. I never write in order of what is actually happening; it's whatever comes to my mind first. My anxiety goes way down after writing it out.


Controlling anxiety during PMS is tiring which is why I always take naps. I worry myself to exhaustion which is nothing new cause I do that anyway while I am not on PMS! I do not think I have to explain why naps are incredible it's just a way of INSTANTLY calming yourself down cause you're asleep.


Ew. I used to hate talking to anyone about my anxiety, and I still do! I just have a wonderful boyfriend who forces me to speak to him about my anxiety at terrible times. That sounds very rude but I can trust you, it's not. After pouring out everything that makes me anxious, he is always supportive of me and gives me advice. Having someone to talk to helps you get another option if your mind is clogged with anxiety. Even if you think you have no one, you can always talk to a professional which they are trained to do!

This isn't going to work for everyone, but for me, I just cry to get rid of anxiety during PMS. Even though you would look like a hot mess, crying somehow just relieves you. After I finish crying, I feel so much better and more open-minded. My mind feels so much clearer, and I think way better about decisions in a more rational way.

The ways to help yourself control anxiety during PMS is way harder than it looks. There are endless ways to help yourself calm down, and maybe you have already found yours that works the best. I do suggest if you can find nothing to help the anxiety during PMS, go see a professional like a gynecologist who can help you get past this. 

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