The New Start

May 27, 2018
Well, I needed to start my first post with something. No idea what I'm doing right now with this, but I just wanted my family and friends to see what's going on with me while I live in the Philippines by myself.

I leave in less than 8 days, and for some reason, I'm unusually calm about this considerable move. I haven't started packing yet, and I still don't know how to navigate through airports by myself. I'll be on planes for more than 22 hours including layovers and delays.

I'll start off by leaving Chicago then I land in Incheon for around 4 hours. That flight is 12 hours long, but then the flight from Korea to Manila is only about 3 hours. Which is nice!

I haven't figured out what I'll be doing on those long plane rides and what I'll do when I finally get to Manila. Going through immigration and customs has always been a fear of mine, and since I'm by myself, I'll definitely mess up somehow.

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